August 29, 2008

Belated Birthday

Ben's dear Auntie Manders threw him a make-up birthday party this Wednesday!

He topped it all off with some play time on the Harley.

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August 28, 2008

Bloodwork good

Ben had blood drawn on Tuesday to get a CBC (complete blood count). This was just to check up on his white blood cell count and hemoglobin levels since they were both low at his last ER remember, the one that wrecked Ben's birthday party, Mike's birthday, and Father's Day all in one blow? Hahaha...good times!

Well we got the results from the blood test and everything is back to normal. Normal! Let's just take a moment to bask in the glow of that word........................................................................

August 11, 2008

Hand, Foot & Mouth

Ben saw the pediatrician this morning for a routine check-up and vaccination. We talked about his fever over the weekend and other little things bugging him. He has this cut on his foot that hasn't healed in over a month. He's got a rather nasty bout of diaper rash going on at the moment, too. As I was taking off his clothes in the office, I noticed he has a rash across his chest and back, too.

So, our pediatrician started out doing the normal exam - checked out his ears, eyes, nose, and throat. She examined the cut on his foot and then looked at his other foot and then both of his hands. At that point I started to get suspicious.

She sat back and said, "Well, it looks like he has Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease."

I laughed. I mean I really laughed because what else can you do?

She said, "The good news is it's a common, perfectly normal childhood illness!"

I laughed again, "Oh yay!" Hahaha.

Seriously, though, it's not anything...well...serious. Don't confuse it with Foot-and-Mouth Disease!

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease is a highly contagious virus that causes a fever and blisters on the hands, feet, and inside the mouth. It can cause a youngster to be irritable and sleepy. The mouth sores can make it painful to eat so reduced appetite is another symptom.

Check...check...check...check...check...yep, we've seen all the symptoms allright. This also explains his aversion to apple juice (yeowch on the mouth!) and his increased love of ice. It seems like he's over the worst of it, or at least he sure seems to feel better today than he did over the weekend. So, we just wait it out and keep him isolated until these blisters go away.

We have some creams to put on his foot and the number for a dermatologist in case that cut isn't related to the current disease. Yay, another specialist! Hahaha. We delayed vaccines for three weeks. In two weeks we'll get his blood drawn for a CBC (complete blood count) to check on his white blood cell count again since it was so low back in June. He's still tall (75th percentile) and skinny (15th percentile) according to the charts.

And that's the scoop!

August 10, 2008

YAF (yet another fever)

Ben has yet another fever this weekend. Luckily, this time around we have our very own urine collection kit so no trip to the ER for us. Woo hoo! We took a sample over to the hospital lab yesterday and the initial urinalysis came back just fine. Time will tell with the culture, but it's most likely this is a virus. Still, it's fun to worry about kidney damage and meningitis and intestinal perforations and the lot, right?

Ho ho ho.

Ben's Great Grandpa Harold passed away last week so we were busy with all that and family. It has caused us to reflect a lot about how much Ben has inherited from his ancestors. Just like his Great Grandpa Harold, Ben has simply taken things as they come and pushed through them with little complaint. We will really miss the thoughtful words of wisdom and unending support from Grandpa Harold. It was no mistake that he was nicknamed "The Captain."

August 03, 2008

Viewpoint know how you can only get a certain perspective at a certain time, under certain conditions? Recently I've been going back through old emails in an effort to clean out my mail box. I've come across so many lovely, encouraging, compassionate words from so many people. At the time I got these messages, we were in the middle of a crisis. These words meant so much.

I remember clearly how so many people said, "It will get better." It was impossible to believe. But, here I am over a year later and when I read these words I know without a doubt that they're true.

It's the perspective you can only achieve with the passage of time.

Here's something someone I've never met in person wrote me when I asked her how she got over "it"....IT being the rather traumatic birth experience.

I guess you get over it a little bit at a time. I remember my mind trying to replay the events of my daughter's birth over and over again too. It was like my mind was a filing cabinet and I had this file that was too frightening and sad to find a place to put it, so it kept lying it on top of the cabinet for me to try and find a place for it later.

When your first experience as a parent is as frightening and intense as yours, your whole viewpoint of being a parent is just that, but as the days go by you start to have very good moments that start to out shine the bad ones, such as first time you held your baby, fed your baby, carried your baby away from an isolet, and got to take them home. Moms who have a typical birth, all those things happen at once and you cant even separate them, I know that you will cherish each one of those little victories individually.

Did she call it or what?! If there is anything this blog is (of course it's much, much more) it is a testimony to our doing exactly what she said - cherishing each one of those little victories individually.