March 28, 2009

1-week-old!!! (and video!)

Olivia Lynne is officially 1-week-old! What a wonderful week it has been. She is just so easy and peaceful. Benjamin has been really great with everything. He's still not super-interested in his little sister, but he's very careful around her. Last night he showed the most interest in her yet and we got it on video...

Hiccups are funny!

Striking up a little conversation...

March 25, 2009

Chatty Ben

Maybe you remember that other kid we have? Haha. He's been a great big brother. His interest in his baby sister hasn't been overwhelming, but he's given her a couple of kisses and hugs. When he sees her in other's arms he points at her and demands, "Mama!"

Ben's big passion these days is talking on the phone. He gets the hellos and goodbyes and he practices his party laugh a lot (you know, the fake laugh hee hee).

Here is Chatty Ben in action. Many thanks to Uncle Kevin for being so patient and accommodating on the other side of that phone call.

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4 days old

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March 22, 2009

Leaving the hospital

Here is a photo we took just before leaving the hospital. Could a dad look more happy????

Here is Olivia Lynne in her carseat and on her way home!

Here is what Ben likes to do with Olivia's bed.

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March 21, 2009

Olivia Lynne

Olivia Lynne is home!

(Yes, we really did procrastinate this long in picking out a name for her.)

We were discharged around noon today and have been home for a few hours now. It's impossible to put into words how much we appreciate the experience of the last 36-hours. We simply couldn't imagine how wonderful it would be. And delightfully boring. ;)

On the less-boring side of things was the labor & delivery experience. No energy to go into it now, but we'll tell you this - we were assigned to the same room where Ben was born and somehow managed to have a labor & delivery that was at least as exciting and memorable as Ben's and may very well have involved just as many people rushing into the room. Ha!

Miss Olivia Lynne is simply wonderful. Her only issue has been keeping her temperature up so they have encouraged us to do lots of skin-t0-skin contact, also known as kangaroo care. It's a delightful remedy.

It was so dear to see Ben welcome his baby sister home. He kept pointing to different things and asking us to tell him what they were...

"Olivia's car seat."

"Olivia's blanket."

"Olivia's nose."

"Olivia's mouth."

And so on...repeating everything about 10,000 times. Ben had some fun taking off her blankets and putting them back on and then he did the cutest thing - he took off his jacket and spread it out over her. That boy is something else!

So, that's the latest. We're all at home together...resting and recovering and everything normal and boring and loving every minute of it.
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March 20, 2009

Welcome baby girl!

No, we haven't picked a name out yet!
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Multimedia message

Our baby girl is here!
9:59 a.m. - 5lb10oz - 18.5 inches
Has brown hair and is doing great!

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T

Slight change of plans

It's just after 3:00 a.m. and I've been having pretty regular contractions for several hours now. Go figure!

Finally got around to actually timing them and sure enough they're about 4-minutes apart and lasting around 1-minute. Gave a call to the OB who assumed we were already on our way to the hospital. When I told her I was still in bed because I didn't think they hurt so bad (compared to the ones I had with induction last time) she said, "They will."


So, we're headed off to the hospital a little bit ahead of plans...but so glad of it!

I've really relished the things in this pregnancy that were *different* from last time...they've all brought me peace of mind (even the urinary retention). When the OB told me today that the hospital was crazy crowded these days and I might have to share a room with someone in the post-natal area I just laughed and said, "Great! That will be different!" (As long as I can share it with our baby, too.)

Going into labor on my own is different, too, and something I was really hoping for all along. Here's to more of something different!

March 19, 2009

We are scheduled to go the hospital for induction at 6:00 a.m. this Friday morning!

Had another ultrasound this morning to do a measurement of the baby, check the amniotic fluid level, and monitor this uterine artery notching thing. Everything looked great except for the baby's size.

She is measuring about 3 weeks behind...4lb 15oz...below the 10th percentile. So, that means induction.

There is no indication why she's measuring small - maybe we just grow them small. Hee hee. It is a little concerning for us because when Ben was in the womb measuring small was the only concern. It's just a tad too familiar. The perinatologist said he believes she should be stable enough to come home with us...just a little small.

Hopefully by sunset this Friday we'll be going ga-ga over our new, perfectly healthy and rather petite baby girl. We'll update here. :)

March 12, 2009


Bed rest is over! YAY!!!!

Wouldn't you know it as soon as we get a good system going here and people all over the place offering to help it turns out we don't need it anymore?

I had an appointment with the OB today and they monitored our baby girl for a while and that went very well. They had the letter from the perinatologist I saw last week and in it he said bed rest wasn't necessary as long as the amniotic fluid levels remained normal. They were down slightly on Monday, but still within the normal range. I'll have another appointment with the OB on Tuesday and then another big ultrasound on Thursday.

And I'll be running around all over the place until then because man was I getting sick of my bed and couch!

Thanks so much, everybody, for the well-wishes and the help.

March 08, 2009

Wanted Ad

Cuckoobananas family in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago looking for a motivated, fun-loving person willing to come to their home to feed and play with their kid. It is a play hard / play hard work environment. Flexible hours. No pay.

******************************************** all seriousness we need some help. We didn't really expect this bed rest thing to last more than a couple of days, but now that we're going into the second week it's time to accept the reality of it, right? We don't want to overburden anybody so we're trying to cast a wider net to see who might be available to help out.

These are the basics:
- play with Ben
- give Ben snacks
- feed Ben lunch
- change Ben's diaper

Becca is usually home all day, in bed or on the couch, but sometimes has to go out for medical appointments. We especially need help with Ben during these appointments which are mainly in Crystal Lake. Having someone just come hang out with him in the office lobby would be helpful.

So, think you're up for it? Hahahahaha.

If so, please email us at the addresses listed all the way at the bottom of this page. Thanks!!!

March 05, 2009

Things are looking up!

This morning's scan showed that the amniotic fluid level is up again. The non-stress test was fine as well, so we're off the hook until Monday. YAY!

Who knew laying around and drinking water by the gallon would be so good for ya?

March 03, 2009

Back to bed and no baby yet

This morning's scan showed the fluid levels have increased enough to keep this little girl inside for now. Yay!!! Looks like bed rest and water-by-the-gallon is doing the trick. We'll go back again on Thursday morning. Ben has been having an absolute blast with his Grandma D who has come to stay with us and help out. He couldn't be happier.

March 02, 2009

Time for an update

First things first - Ezra is back home and doing well. He's been throwing up some, but is happy to be home. Hurrah!

And now about us...

We had another ultrasound last week to check on this baby girl. She was measuring small and the amniotic fluid was low. I spent the weekend resting, drinking tons of water (a gallon a day...yeah for real!), eating well and diligently doing kick counts. I had another appointment today to check the fluid levels again and unfortunately they have gone down some more. I am now on bed rest. I will go back again this Tuesday morning to check the fluid level and if it is still low we'll be sent to the hospital for induction. Yikes!

We don't know why the fluid levels are low and it's most likely nothing, but it's hard not to be concerned. Gee, think we might know a little too much after our previous experience?! Haha.

The good news is our baby girl's heart rate is fabulous and she appears to be very healthy.

Obviously, things are a little hectic as we're getting ready for this a little earlier than expected. We are wondering if she will need to be in the NICU, if she'll need to be transported to another hospital, if we'll need to (or if we can) deliver at a different hospital, and the really obvious - is she okay?

Soooo...that's what is going on. We'll update here as we are able.