April 30, 2009

5-weeks old!

Figured we better share a 5-week photo before we get into 6-weeks! Olivia now weighs 9lbs 6oz...holy cow!

Eat! Eat! Eat!

Things have been going great around here. We've all had a little, sniffly cold lately, but it hasn't been horrible and sure as heck hasn't kept Ben down. He's getting into everything more and more. He recently figured out how to use the step stool and can get to things he could never reach before - light switches are a big hit at the moment so it's a bit like a disco around here at times. He's at that stage when, if left alone for even a second, he's going to do something goofy. Last week he took the bowl out of his potty seat, filled it with sundried tomatoes from the shelf on the kitchen, and then went chasing after the cat yelling, "Eat! Eat! Eat!" This all happened in the time it took to change Olivia's diaper. Time to re-evaluate our babyproofing, huh?

What's really funny is he was so convincing and charming the cat seemed to be considering the offer.
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Three Muskateers

April 09, 2009

Naptime changes

After we brought Olivia home from the hospital we quickly realized the mistakes in our naptime and bedtime routines. Well, to be honest, you can hardly call what we do a routine...especially since we probably couldn't tell you what we do since we pretty much do something differently every time. Oops.

What normally happens, though, is one of us (usually mama) rocks him to sleep in the chair and then puts him in bed. A couple of nights before Olivia was born, Ben figured out that he could get out of bed and run straight to mama and dada's bed - and throw a fit if we moved him back to his own bed. This was especially problematic the night before Olivia was born and nobody got any sleep.

Well, Grandma Linda got us all on track by setting up a little bedtime routine and Ben has stayed put in his bed all night. (Thanks!!!)

However, naps have still been difficult. I start the routine with him - some books in the chair, some singing and rocking - but by the time he's starting to get a little droopy his new baby sister is hungry and we're back to square one. A few days ago I finally gave up and said, "Whatever. Nap or don't nap."

He didn't nap and fell asleep in his dinner that night.

The next day I said, "Okay, it's time for your nap and mommy's going to leave you in your room. Here are your options: 1) sleeping, 2) crying, or 3) playing."

I left and closed the door behind me. He played for an entire hour...all by himself in that room.

Yesterday I gave him the same options and he patted the chair, indicating he wanted me to sit. He crawled up on my lap and let me rock him to sleep in about 2 minutes. He stayed asleep for nearly 3 hours.

So, today I did the same thing. He wouldn't get into the chair with me and was pretty upset when I put him in bed and covered him with the blankets, but he was quiet again about a minute after I left. I figured I had better check on him and when I opened the door, his bed was empty. It freaked me out a bit. But, there he was in the chair - passed out with a book on his lap.

He changed positions while I was hunting for my camera, but it's still pretty cute. :)

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April 08, 2009

First hold

"Yeah, I'm sure. Hand her over!"

"What's with all the kicking!?"

"This isn't quite how I imagined it."

"But it's still kinda cool."

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April 04, 2009

Two Weeks Old!!!!!

This Friday Olivia turned 2-weeks-old! Her official due date, April 2nd, was the day before. These two weeks we've often remarked how she could have still be in there cooking. Yet here's this little person in our lives.

We've seen hints of little smiles more and more...

We've often joked that we got our baby girl some highlights in her hair because it's dark with blond streaks. It's already turning more blond as hair is growing in. She's also growing some eyelashes - wonder if they'll match her brothers? Her hair is mostly in the back, so you can't really see it here, but here's a hair shot just the same...

Her belly button stump (seriously, there has GOT to be a better word for it!) fell off this week. Now we can change her diaper without Ben insisting we've missed some "poopoo" on her tummy. Haha.

We can't wait to start seeing more of those dimples!

Just to give you an idea of her size...

Miss Olivia had her big 2-week appointment with the pediatrician on Friday and everything looks great. The main goal for 2-weeks is to have gained back to the birth weight. She met the mark and then some...she now weighs 14 ounces MORE than her birth weight! She's still a skinny gal and ittybitty, but she's on the charts. :)

We are slowly getting used to this whole uncomplicated baby thing, Still, it was strange to walk into an appointment without a binder full of operative reports, radiology reports, lab results, medical history summary, etc, etc, etc. We have to keep reminding our pediatrician to treat us like first-timers because, as we like to put it, we had really REALLY expensive babysitters the first few weeks with Benjamin. Haha. Speaking of Ben (he's HUGE by the way...or is that his new baby sister is so tiny?), he came along for the appointment and wouldn't even let the doctor give him a sticker! He has definitely caught on to the whole doctor scene and wants NOTHING to do with it. That's going to make things interesting in our future...hahaha.
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Week 2 photos

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