May 26, 2009

Catnaps will never be the same

Thanks to Cousins Aaron and Anna, Ben was handed down an awesome little activity table and he was happily playing with it all afternoon. It even came with coloring books. We couldn't find the crayons, so we took out the markers. I sat down to feed Olivia and had that eerie feeling things were just too quiet.

The picture speaks for itself...

May 13, 2009

Two years ago today

Two years ago today Benjamin ate like a normal baby for the first time. There have been many moments that were just too huge, too painful, too emotional, or too joyous to put into words and that moment was one of them. Up until that point we had only seen him fed by IV and for a little while by a tube through his nose. Isn't it amazing that just a few days after being born with a big chunk of his digestive system missing he could eat?

What's even more amazing is how not-so-amazing it seems any more that he's running around today doing the normal toddler thing...trying to put stickers on the cats, using his step stool to reach the light switches, and trying to drive cars over his little sister.

May 12, 2009

7-week-old smiles :)

We've been seeing hints of smiles for a few weeks, but now we're getting the real deal.

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May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

It's a very happy Mother's Day in our house this morning. Ben is running around playing with his new toys. Olivia has been giving out lots of smiles. And this mama got to eat a Dunkin' Donuts breakfast in bed and is still in her pajamas.

A few days ago a beautiful bouquet (actually, it was an Edible Arrangement!) was delivered to our home and the note attached said, "Happy Mommies Day, Mommy. Love, Ben & Olivia"

How sweet is that?! It had this mama, whoever helped our kids do that - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!!

Two years ago our Benjamin was born. Wow, what a day!

We had a wonderful birthday party for him today...and we're exhausted! We'll have pictures to share soon, but in the meantime here are some shots of our little guy when he really was brand-spakin'-new (and, oh my goodness, so were we!).

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May 01, 2009


Not quite sure where rollerskating fits into developmental milestones for gross motor skills...but so what! Ben's physical therapist busted out the rollerskates for him at the end of his therapy session the other week. What was scary was he didn't even seem to notice they were on his feet. He just walked around in them like it was nothing.

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Batter up!

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