August 19, 2009

Grounded again

The kids are grounded.

Maybe you remember way back when Ben was grounded? That was because some punks stole our car to trade for drugs and the drug dealer then sold our car to one of his clients so she could live in it with her boyfriend, do drugs and take nekkid pictures of each other. Yeah, for real! But, that's not why the kids are grounded this time. Nope. This time it wasn't nearly as...uhmmm...interesting, but perhaps more exciting and definitely more frightening.

Yesterday afternoon we were driving back home from the hospital where Ben has physical therapy. We were stopped at a traffic light, Olivia was sleeping, and Ben was playing with his toy truck when CRACK!

It was such a startling experience that it was difficult to distinguish if it was a sound, a sight, or a feeling. It sounded like a crack, it looked like lightening, and it felt like a wham. I was thrown forward and remember thinking the seat belt felt so tight.

My first clear thought was, "What happened?!"

I heard Ben whimper and that's when I began to realize something had happened to us and not just me, that Ben's toy truck was now making sounds in the front seat footwell, and that my heart was pounding in my lungs and oh-my-god-the-kids...

I put the car in park while yelling, "Are you O.K.???"

When I didn't get a reply I turned around and yelled over my shoulder with a voice I didn't recognize, "Benjamin! Are you O.K.?????"

"Yeah," he said with a tiny, sad voice. When his bottom lip started to stick out I realized he didn't recognize my voice either.

...Olivia, Olivia, Olivia, Olivia...why isn't she crying?

I unbuckled my seat belt feeling like everything was taking a great deal of concentration and time. I carefully opened my car door and went to Olivia's door as quickly as I could while minding the cars passing us. I opened her door and there she was with her eyes open, looking around for something to smile at and it turns out my face was just the thing.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

...They're okay. They seem okay. I'm okay. I think they're okay. Are they okay?...

The car behind us seemed stuck to the bumper. The other driver and I spoke for a moment and I interrupted saying, "I'm sorry, I have to check on my son."

I ran around to Ben's door and asked him again, "Are you okay?"


"Do you have an owie?"


"Where is your owie?!"

"Da ba da mama da bawa."

"What?! Where do you have an owie?"

"Mama dawa baba ma da ba."



At some point the other driver and I agreed to drive our cars into the nearest parking lot. My hands were shaking so badly at that point it took me 3 tries to dial 911 successfully. Police cars, fire truck, ambulance, questions -

"Do either of your children have a medical history?"

...Why oh why haven't I gotten Ben to wear his medical alert bracelet yet? Why don't I have a copy of his medical history strapped to his car seat??? Idiot...

Phone calls, text messages, forms, questions, papers.

Dada met us at the Emergency Room and as luck would have it he happened to have a lollipop in his pocket which was the perfect bribe for our scrub-fearing boy. The kids checked out okay.

...Okay, okay. The kids are okay!...

But, until we get new car seats the kids are grounded.

August 10, 2009


Miss Olivia is sporting her new pajamas...size 6-9 month holy cow!!!!
She is also going to give it a whirl tonight in her crib. Big bro
Benjamin helped mommy put it together and will be sharing his room
with her. Wish us all luck!

August 06, 2009

Olivia 4-month check-up

Olivia had her well baby check-up this week. She is going to start
solid foods now...rice cereal! We'll get some cute pictures there for
sure. And now for the stats...


Weight 15lb 2oz (80th percentile)
Length 26 inches (95th percentile)
Head 40 cm (25th percentile)