September 25, 2009

Cincinnati again

We made a little trip to Cincinnati Children's and Ben acted like he
owned the place.

Swinging with granddad


Girl with wings

Pawpaw boy

No trip to southeast Ohio is complete without a taste of the local
delicacy - pawpaw!

Pretty girl

OU fan club president

Sibling love

Helping daddy at work

Handsome boy

Johnny jumping Olivia

Rebecca Batey Fradin Sent from my iPhone

Diaper cake

I made a diaper cake for my cousin's baby...go me!

Running in circles

Just to prove that when you call and ask what I'm doing and I tell you
we are watching Ben run in circles, I'm serious.


Finally figured out how to blog photos from my phone again. Now for
something much overdue...


Ben is in preschool now! Can you believe it? He really is such a big boy now. He absolutely loves preschool and talks about it non-stop...sings songs, tells us about stories they read, shows of his art projects. As you can see, he takes it very seriously...hahaha.

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