December 05, 2009

I love you - I love you, too

Ben has started talking for his baby sister. Yesterday he asked her if
he could play with her toy (after he originally grabbed it and his
mama made him return it). He then grabbed her head and nodded it while
saying, "uh huh!"

And tonight it's this...

Sibling love

December 03, 2009

Guess what I'm doing?

Today in the car Ben busted out with a little rhyme I have never heard him say before.

(I had to step away just now to get a ladybug out of Olivia's mouth.)

As I was saying, Ben was reciting a little rhyme in the car today and it didn't soud like the usual ones like his current favorites, Humpty Dumpty and Three Little Kittens. I asked him to say it again because

(Sorry, I had to step away again because Olivia was headed into the bathroom. She has this thing for the toilet bowl...well, you proably don't want to know any more.)

Anyway, I asked Ben to say the little rhyme again and then again because I thought I was starting to recognize what it was he was saying, but I wasn't

(Again, I had to step away to chase the heaving cat into the garage so he wouldn't spew on the carpet. Still wondering why I hardly ever update this blog any more?)

I wasn't entirely sure I knew what he was saying until he added the little bit at the end - "Amen."

When I got home there was an email waiting for me from his preschool teacher with the photo above attached. She explained it was a picture of Ben praying before snack. Here's the rhyme -

God is great. God is Good.
Let us thank him for our food.

How stinking cute is that?! (That previous bit was NOT part of the rhyme, by the way.) Boy do I love his preschool! Speaking of which, his teachers are now walking him in and out to our car so I don't have to get Olivia out. I cannot tell you how that changes my day!!!
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