March 12, 2010

Announcement: Giving Olivia a new name

Just a little announcement to let you all know we will be giving Olivia a new name - BIG SISTER!

Hee hee.  Yes, that's right - another baby is on the way and due mid-September!

We are probably more surprised than you are.  It's been fun to be able to really talk about this with Ben.  He was way to young to even begin to understand when Olivia was on the way, but now he can talk so much better and understand more and it's been fun.

We have decided to switch doctors for this baby to one whose office is closer by our new home.  It has been nice getting a fresh perspective on's been interesting going through our family medical history.  It has caught me off-guard and made me appreciate our Benjamin even more as the first question from the OB, one of her partners, and the perinatologist was, "Is your son still living?"

Is he ever and then some!  We were talking the other night after the kids were in bed and remarked how these days we often forget he has problems or ever had them.  What a difference a couple of years makes.  A wonderful difference.

We are so excited to meet our new family member!

March 01, 2010

Life lesson

Lesson of the Day: don't attempt home repair projects involving
GorillaGlue when your toddler is awake unless you want to give him a