August 22, 2010


Thought we would share some Benjaminisms here.

Watermelon = Waterlemon
Underwear = Dunderwear
Grandma = Namma
Olivia = Via (his nickname of choice although he can say Ohhhhhh-liv-ee-ah)
Gray = Gay (which we find endlessly entertaining...the "gay movie", daddy's "gay shirt", etc)
Here comes the pitch! = Here dumb b*tch!  (Yes, for real.)

The other night Ben told his mama, "Your belly is SO HUGE!  I love it!

Ben often asks, "Why does dada go to work?" and we always tell him, "To make money."  A few weeks ago his dad answered this same question for the 100th time and Ben informed him, "But mama makes money at the ATM. You could do that!"

Hee hee.

Note:  Totally stole the -isms idea from our VACTERL friend, Christine, and her blog all about her charming son and his Brodyisms.  :)

August 21, 2010

Dance party!

There are few things these kids like more than a dance party with their dada. :)