December 23, 2010

A glowing report :)

Finally met with the urologist to review all the tests. Both the urodynamic and renal ultrasound this morning looked good!

He said, "He is exceeding my expectations. Truly."

Word for word quote there people!

We are to come back in 6-months for another ultrasound and bloodwork and keep up the "watchful waiting" to see how things progress.

This is the best urology/kidney report we have ever had. :))))

Ben has reached his limit. He has announced to everyone we have met, "I don't want to be heeeeeeeeeere."

I just shrug and say, "me either."


Ben was super fabulously awesome for his ultrasound. He had the nicest (and cutest) radiology tech and she had Dora waiting for him on the TV. And that was all it took. He was perfect for the ultrasound.

Ben earned himself a toy from the gift shop and he picked out a flowery pink handbag containing a hot pink camera, pink phone, and pink flashlight. :)

We left the main hospital and are now at a branch called "The Liberty Campus" and it's a nice change. It's a quiet and peaceful place and we are grabbing a much-needed bite to eat while we wait for or clinic appointment with the urologist.

Considering he has been up since about 3:30a CST he is being an absolute doll. Ariana has been along for the ride and she has been a doll, too. Grandma Linda is with us and she's a doll. I don't think there is enough caffeine in this world to make the same be said for Ben's mama, though.

New watch

Second time was a charm. The urodynamics test went well and it looks like the results were pretty good. Major yay!!! The nurse doing the test, Lena, couldn't have been nicer.

Now we are waiting for an ultrasound of the kidneys. Ben has to wear an ID bracelet and he decidedly does NOT like his "new watch."


Well, the first test was a bust. Ben drank over 8oz of juice yet his bladder was still empty. So now we have over 16oz to slam down and try the test again. Cheers!

The Talking Wall

It seems the one big thing Ben remembers from our last trip here is the "talking wall" of carnival fun. He was elated to find it and has been running all around pushing the buttons.

We are waiting for his first test of the morning. Here's hoping he complies...rather nervous about that as he spent the whole 3-hour ride here begging to "go back to Namma Linda's" house and how he didn't want to go to the doctor.

December 21, 2010

Hallmark 2

Woops...sent that last update before I was done. :)

The orthopedic surgeon basically said Ben has all the "hallmarks" of thoracic insufficiency - hemivertebra all on the same side, fusions, fused ribs, missing ribs - yet DOES NOT have thoracic insufficiency syndrome. His lungs and heart look perfect. Perfect! Lungs are able to inflate to a normal capacity and are equal size, heart in the right location and right size. It's all good stuff.

He has at least three hemivertebra and two of them are fused on one side to other vertebra. The fusions are actually a good thing as this means there are no growth plates on one side of the hemivertebra that would cause the bad vertebra to grow and make the curves worse. One of the hemivertebra is not fused, however, and is in a particularly bad spot but it looks okay now and hopefully it will stay that way. It's bad that they are all on the same side of the spine, but again, things are stable and the curves are pretty small. He has several ribs which are fused together but then gap and make room for the lungs.

He basically said if you read off the list of defects or look at the x-rays it is a mess and you would assume much worse, yet with a decently straight spine and nice, big lungs the sum is greater than the parts. That's our Ben!

The ortho said he wants to see Ben again in 6-months which is more frequently than we have been seen by our local...but since we are in Cincinnati for urology every 6-months anyway, big deal right?

He said it's quite possible Ben will have x-rays every 6-months or so for the rest of his growing years and that's it...nothing else. :)

We go back to Cincinnati again on Thursday for a bunch of tests and an appointment with his urologist. Hopefully the report then is just as jolly.

A Hallmark Boy

Ben had an appointment today with a new orthopedic surgeon.

The appointment started out with Ben outright refusing to bs weighed, so once again I had to stand on the scale holding a kicking and screaming boy in my arms and then get myself weighed. Only a mother's love!

Maybe that got it out of his system because he was perfectly fine for the x-rays.

December 13, 2010

Yummy on her cheeks

Ariana has some really lovely cheeks these days and Ben loves giving her kisses.  This morning we were talking about how great her cheeks are and her mama declared, "Ariana's cheeks are delicious!"

Ben leaned over and gave her several kisses and remarked, "Mama, I don't taste the yummy on her cheeks."

Hee hee.  Happy Monday!

December 02, 2010