July 02, 2011

Close, but...

We stopped at a BurgerKing for lunch today and the kids got Transformer toys with their meals. It took Ben a while to figure out how it worked when he finally exclaimed, "Hey guys, it turned into something else! It transexed!!!!"

Close, but not quite right.

In other news we somehow dragged our crazy family out to DC for the VACTERL conference and once again had an incredible experience. The National Institute of Health provide the main content as they presented about their VACTERL research and preliminary findings. Really interesting stuff and just too much to write about it all now. These conferences are weird...rollercoaster of emotions - exciting, exhausting, inspiring, depressing, hectic, comforting, happy, sad, and so much more. This is our third conference and I think the big take-away from all have been a feeling of comfort just in being in the presence of others who share our experiences, speak our language, and know what it's like.

Since we were in DC and as close to a beach as we are likely to come in the foreseeable future (18-years???) we thought why not? We had a nice, typical little family vacation going on until I hit my head on the sharp end of a metal pole supporting the stairs. Turns out heads really bleed, hair really hides head gashes well, I have a good memory for what I read because thanks to the NYT articles about botched radiology I was scared to death getting a CT scan, scalp staples hurt way less than a tetanus shot, and I have never so badly wanted to shave my head. But, good news is the CT looked fine, I get the staple out in a week, Ibuprofen is handling the headache, I now have a good excuse for feeling weird and out of it, and so far my friends and family have talked me out of shaving my head.

Happy summer, friends!