February 14, 2012

Headed home

We are headed home from the airport and very much looking forward to HOME. Ben says he misses Super Mario Brothers. Olivia misses the kitty cats. We miss our bed...and the local Chinese restaurant, and our car, and our bed, and our bed.

Two outrageous quotes from the end of our trip -

Ben introduced his daddy to another family as "His name is Baba but my mama calls him Michael."

The other quote is courtesy of our airline attendant who exclaimed quite loudly right in front of the kids "c**k sucking mother f***er!" A fitting ending to this vacation.

Ahem. Ahem.

February 10, 2012

Vacation from our vacation

Day 4 of our vacation (or, as we affectionately refer to it - the fake-ation or relo-cation) and it's STILL raining. And Ben got a rash yesterday all over his tummy and back. He was fidgeting all night with it and by morning it had spread to his wrists where he's scratched one place raw. So, considering the body aches he's been complaining about, the red cheeks he had the other day (which we thought was sunburn), the runny nose, coughing, and sniffles, well, we think it's Fifth Disease. Fun! Hahaha. We rented a car and went to the store for some benadryl and that has sure cleared up his rash.

There is a woman staying at our same hotel who is rather obsessed with our kids. And their father. I ran into her alone and in her New Jersey accent she said to me, "Hold on to that man, honey! He is gorgeous! Well, at least keep him until you're done having babies!"

Okay then...hahahaha.

We did see a lot of other really nice people today, but it appears they were all intoxicated...perhaps at Garlic Fest. Yes, Garlic Fest. They have a "family area" at Garlic Fest that we are thinking we might check out tomorrow. Bet it's stinkin' good. Har har har.

The weather report for tomorrow actually has - GASP! - something resembling sunshine in it. Wooo!

February 09, 2012


Anyone who has travelled with three young children by car, airplane, and hired car know it's not exactly the journey that is fun. It's taking a while to recover from the journey. Haha.

We spent our first day without diapers. Fun. The kids and mama walked 2 miles to the nearest store that carries diapers and Ben got bleeding blisters on the backs of his feet. Poor guy, but nothing some bandaids and new crocs couldn't fix.

This isn't exactly a kid-friendly destination. There are many very lovely, kind people who adore our children for no other reason than they are young and gorgeous. Unfortunately there are many people here who apparently hate our children because they are small and in the way. Someone actually GLARED at the stroller. We are hoping there is a secret handshake or something that will tell us if someone is a child lover or a child hater.

It has been raining or cloudy or pouring rain ever since we've arrived. I think we've seen sunshine twice. BUT, it's warm! And the kids aren't bummed out by rain. Nope. They just wanted to know if they could jump in puddles.

Ben and Olivia have been happily sharing a bed and were overhead the other night telling each other "I love you."

Yesterday, Ben and Olivia were playing and Ben told her, "I know about lots of things. Like I know about building sandcastles and I know about outer space and I know lots about what doctors do to me."

Ugh. Gulp. Sniffle sniffle.

Mike randomly mentioned that his new goal is to get Ben eating more and I knew he was seeing what I'd been seeing. It's hard to see our little guy in a swimsuit that falls off his skinny little body covered in scars. He has been complaining about his legs hurting more. So, there isn't exactly a vacation from cuckoobananas unfortunately.

He's also absolutely handsome and marvelous which is completely heartwarming to see. All three kids have been having a blast. Hopefully the grownups will recover from the relocation soon. :)