March 28, 2012


Ben tells me his favorite sport is "bottlenet"; the uniform is sure appealing.

March 08, 2012

Fine dining

Popsicles, jello, pedialyte, chicken broth

Three for three

As I'm sure we've all suspected would happen, all three kids are now puking. It's not stopping them from arguing over who gets which cup of pedialyte and who gets which barf bucket. ;)

March 07, 2012

Birthday wishes

Well, today was (is) Becca's birthday. For my present I got barf. Yeah, Ben went to bed and then called out a few hours later covered in a pool of barf. And he has been barfing for a couple of hours now every 5 or so minutes. Ohhhh so sad! But on the bright side we had a brand new washer and dryer delivered today. :)

To try to cheer Ben up I reminded him it would be HIS birthday in May and asked him what he wants to do for his party and who he wants to invite.

"I want Namma Linda and Granddad and Namma Dee and Wuhwuh and I want to have it at Pump It Up."

"Any friends?"

"Nope, just them."

"At Pump It Up?"


"What will your grandparents do there?"

(exasperated sigh)
"Jump and bounce around, mama!"