July 26, 2012




This is how Ben feels about today's schedule. Dragged him out of bed to leave Granddad and Grandma's house around 5:15am. Made him chug 12oz of juice in 15-minutes. Arrived at Cincinnati Children's Hospital about 5-minutes late (I hate being late!!!). Bribed him into getting on the examining table. Did a quick bladder scan to check if his bladder was full and nope! So, now we are waiting in radiology to see if we can slip in for his renal ultrasound early while we wait for his bladder to fill. Then we can go back to urology and get the urodynamics done. Had to break the bad news to Ben that today's schedule does indeed involve shots. :( But! Our urology nurse kindly suggested the magical Emla cream which purportedly numbs the skin so the shot doesn't hurt. At the very least he is excited about the possibility and hasn't made a mad dash for the exits like he usually does when he finds out there will be needles.

So, today is a kidneypalooza. Ultrasound will check out the physical aspects of his kidneys and bladder. Noninvasive urodynamics will test the bladder function and detect the level of nerve damage done by his spinal cord issues. Bloodwork is a basic renal panel with cystantin-c to look at how well his kidneys are working. Urinalysis. And finally a clinic appointment with the urologist, Dr. Alam, to go over the results and plan his future.