February 27, 2013

Ronald is totally out of control

Okay, so back when we stayed at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House last it was pretty crazy with the accommodations. Now it's just plain out of control.

Lollipop tree at the front desk. Snack basket and coffee in the conference room where you fill out the paperwork. And a chest full of toys. Then, as if the free room next door to the hospital wasn't enough, they give us this "guest bag" chock full of toiletries, a handmade quilt, toys, and even a nice notebook and pen. I can't type it all out on my phone. Out. Of. Control.


Guess where

MRI again

Well, of course a new neurosurgeon wants a new MRI. Meh. :( But, at least now we have plans for mama's birthday...drive back to Cincinnati, pig out at dinner, sleep at a hotel, and drag his hungry self to a sedated MRI. Par-tay!


Yep, back at Cincinnati Children's for a few days of specialists appointments. Neurosurgery second opinion on the "my legs hurt" saga with Dr. Mangano this morning. Day off tomorrow. Then Friday it's neurology second opinion on the yawning/gasping tic/seizure drama with Dr...hmmm...well, this is sad, I've forgotten his name. Dr. Woo maybe? Ha. Did I mention they bumped his appointment to 8:30am for some "emergency neurosurgery" excuse? Good excuse, right? And then we wrap everything up with our old friend, Dr. Pena.

February 02, 2013

Our jobs

"Ben, what is daddy's job?"

"He gets money from people who hurt other people." (He's an attorney who really likes personal injury cases.)

"What is mommy's job?"

"Mommy woyks for Rock."


"You know, Rock Obama, the pwesident."

Ha! Gotta love it!

Guess if our own son is confused, others might be, too. Mommy works as a research coordinator for a clinical trial about low back pain. Yep, that's new. Started in December 2012 and it's the first real "job" since before Ben was born. Kinda a weird new routine, but kinda oh-so-nice, too, to have something other than immediate child care needs and medical drama at the forefront. Oh, and the health insurance isn't shabby! ;)

Still, gotta love that our little guy thinks so highly of us.